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Tradition and experience in the complete supply of refrigeration and air conditioning.

The history of our company dates back to 1994 when Schiessl, s.r.o. was established. It grew in a short time to become one of the biggest  importers and distributors in the Czech Republic.
Schiessl, s.r.o is a member of the Schiessl Group, the Headquarters of which is in Munich in Germany. We supply a complete range of components and equipment for refrigeration and air-conditioning.
The German company Robert Schiessl GmbH, which has existed since 1924, has a network of branches in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarussia, and Bulgaria. It is one of the biggest refrigeration and air-conditioning wholesalers in Europe. Robert Schiessl GmbH offers about 17,000 products from more than 100 suppliers all over the world.

Today, Schiessl, s.r.o . is a dynamic and growing company, in the refrigeration, and in the car and domestic air-conditioning markets.
Our current product range includes almost three thousand products, all from reputable European manufacturers.  It is also possible for us to access thousands of other products, if requested by our customers
The head office of the Company is in Prague.  There are also regional offices  in Brno, Prague, Ostrava and Cheb. Each of these offices offer our complete range of products, but are limited to their defined geographical areas of operation. They are responsible for direct customer sales support, as well as for execution of orders and deliveries.

Each Schiessl branch consists not only of a sales office but, also importantly includes a warehouse and a shop.  The shop offers components, spare parts, accessories and the tools necessary for day-to-day refrigeration, air conditioning   and car air conditioning operations and service. Each branch is also a refrigerant distribution station, which provides gas cylinders with the most frequently used gases.

The central logistics warehouse of Schiessl, s.r.o, is located in Prague. Our modern refrigerants distribution and filling station, which meets all safety and EU environmental standards, is located in Cheb near the Czech- German border.  It   is capable of refilling several hundred tons of different cooling gases a year.

The most valuable asset of  Schiessl,  s.r.o  is a team of young employees who not only have excellent professional qualifications but who are also committed to their work.  The knowledge and skill of all employees working for the Company is also critical.
Our company is also a co-founder and an active member of the trade association known as the Czech Association for Refrigerating and Air Conditioning.  The main goals of this association are the protection of the rights and interests of the R&AC sector and lobbying government institutions and entities.

•We offer the widest range of choice in devices, components, accessories and gases for cooling, air-conditioning and car air conditioning.
•Our suppliers are renowned world-class producers of compressors and condensing units, evaporators and condensers, air-conditioning equipment, control and monitoring devices, refrigerants, installation materials as well as all other elements vital to building of any refrigerating or air-conditioning system
•We assist and serve all our business partners with extensive knowledge, advice and legal matters relating to the ecological and technical aspects of their operations
Our employees are top-class and highly qualified specialists, always on hand to give the right advice and help in the design and building of refrigerating and air-conditioning installations
We choose the optimum devices and components as well as refrigerants and heat transfer media, based on selection programs of our suppliers updated with proper knowledge and the long-standing experience of our engineers
We apply modern, energy-saving and environment-friendly technical solutions, taking into account the client's individual needs and requirements
We work on a long term basis with the best and most experienced designers, installers and service companies, whose outstanding knowledge of R&AC technology guarantees optimal system operations

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